5 things to consider before choosing a photographer for your wedding

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Wedding day is one of the most memorable days in people’s lives.

When all is said and done, people forget the name of the venue, what foods were prepared and cloths people wore to the wedding. The only memories left are the ones captured by the media. Make no mistakes about it, your choice of Photographers or media coverage makes or mars your day. The day that only comes once.

Below are five factors to look out for

  1. Professionalism
    As an open market, media firms spring up on daily basis. Many of which have not undergone professional training. Be free to ask a lot of question to ascertain the firm’s competence. Probe into their companies core values and systems of doing business. Look into these key result areas of professionalism – appearance, demeanor, reliability, competence, ethics, maintaining your poise, phone etiquette, written correspondence, organizational skills and accountability.
  2. Experience
    What is the company’s history? do they have a reputation for breaking promises? What are their clients saying about them. Remember, history repeats itself on those who fail to learn from history.
  3. Team spiritedness
    Media coverage is best done as a team. You are at risk when you engage the services of “lone rangers” in your events. Umpteen times people have finished recording an event with just one camera only to discover that the memory card or tape is infected with a virus. You end up losing the job and ruining people’s joy. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing together.
  4. Online Presence
    Who no like better thing?” As you prepare for your wedding, you discover you become unusually too busy to even inform the people you’d like to invite for your wedding. A 21st century media firm bridges the gap for you. Helping you with pre-wedding, live-wedding and post wedding updates to your guests. Last year, a client we served came back to thank us for the live-wedding updates we did for him. One of his special guests outrightly forgot about the invitation. Around 12noon, he logged on to facebook to see the wedding photos trending. He quickly changed his itinerary to honour the invitation at least to meet up with the reception program. That is the benefit of online presence.
    5. Back-up Service
    With the evolution of ICT and viruses, pictures and videos may be attacked either by activities of hackers or malwares. Ask about the Back-up services provided by the firm you wish to engage their services so that you be sure your memories are safe even 50 years after.

We believe these thoughts made sense to you. We would appreciate your feed back via comments and questions.

Are your planning your wedding soon?

Yours ePlanet media

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