Thank you for your interest in being one of ePlanet’s model. ePlanet Modeling Agency is a branch of ePlanet Photo Studio where we partner with outstanding young men and ladies who desire for fame, influence and money to achieve their dreams at the same time promoting the business of ePlanet Media

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  1. Shall take 2 copies of Modeling Pictures every week
  2. Shall get minimum of 3 customers every week
  3. Shall serve as brand ambassadors of ePlanet Media
  4. Shall advice the management on what to do and what not to do to make ePlanet Studio remain the best.
  5. Shall on request by major companies strike promotional poses for branding and advertising of their products.
  6. Shall be willing to sporadically share his/her promotional pix to several social media pages and groups whose guidelines do not prohibit that
  7. Shall be willing to participate in any Promotional Photography Context that may be designed to create awareness of our company. Eg. Inviting your friends to vote for your pix.


  1. The contract is to last for 6 months, after which it will be renewed or terminated.
  2. Modeling Registration fee is Three Thousand Naira Only (N2,000)
  3. ePlanet Media shall pay a model 15% of the total of the amount a client pays for advert Modelling job
  4. Shall always have a contest at least once a month.
  5. ePlanet Media shall pay a model 30% of the total amount a client pays for advert modeling.
  6. All models are meant to be patriotic and loyal to the management of the firm.
  7. All models must be active on social media and promote our brands on social media
  8. All models are to add/invite their friends to our official facebook group and page (ePlanet)
  9. Participants must be 18 years and above
  10. A model’s appointment may be terminated on gross misconduct, negligence of duty and any such acts that will daint the image of the company.
  11. Anti-Studio activities is highly prohibited and shall be treated as a bridge of contract. Anti-studio activities may mean modeling for other studios within the period of this contract.
  12. Models are also expected to refer Photo/Video/Red carpet coverage jobs of weddings, anniversaries, ceremonies etc to ePlanet Company. The referrer earns 15% of the contract fee.
  13. Models shall be promoted and supported in any contest they wish to participate.

Having gone through our terms and condition, if you are still interested to join us complete the form below or send it as whatsap message to 08033039236


By filling the form, you agree to our terms and condition


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